The 2016 Presidential Election and Misplaced Passion


Many of our shortcomings in the Christian life can be boiled down to misplaced passion. We let passion for work, passion for leisure, passion for sports, passion for success, passion for wealth, etc. drive our lives. For many different reasons, we invest our time, energy, mind, and heart into these idols. It is these misplaced passions that get us into so much trouble in our Christian lives. This year, for many of us, we have misplaced our passion into the presidential election.

For almost a year now, I have done my best to avoid writing about this year’s controversial presidential race. Several times, I had drafts written or ideas scribbled down – but every attempt ended with the delete button. But at the risk of sounding super spiritual, I chose not to delete this one.

When our choices for national leader of our country are the definition of a narcissistic businessman, the definition of a crooked politician, and the definition of an unqualified third party candidate – we are in trouble. But we are in even more trouble if we let our passion, whether for or against, one of these candidates and their missions surpass our passion for Jesus and his mission.

The worst part is that some of us have even let the idea that the presidential candidate we support is more aligned than the others with Christianity or better embodies Christian ethics or morality. Let me clear things up a little and save us all some time – none of these mainstream presidential candidates come close to embodying Christian ethics, morality, or beliefs.

Let me be clear – I am not suggesting Christians should vote for one candidate or another OR that they should avoid the voting booth altogether on November 8. I’m not anti-political and I do plan to vote this year. What I am suggesting is that many Christians have made it clear during this year’s presidential race just how misplaced their passions actually are.

It seems to me that for so many of us (myself definitely included at times), our zeal for politics, a specific candidate, or a specific party’s agenda outweighs our zeal for our true King and his mission in this world. Why aren’t stories about growing churches trending on Twitter? Why aren’t articles about Jesus and the good news going viral on Facebook? Why aren’t we talking about holiness and Godly living over dinner and at family cookouts? Why aren’t we spending as much time examining Scripture as we are examining Hilary Clinton’s emails or Donald Trump’s ridiculous statements?

Let’s refocus on the leader that really matters, Jesus; the agenda that really matters, the gospel; and the culture-changing agent that matters, the Church. Please, lets exercise our right and our freedom to vote this year. Lets think and pray through what we ought to do. But please, please lets not let our passion for a presidential candidate and their agenda surpass our passion for Jesus and his mission in this world – that all might hear the gospel message and turn to Him. Let us be more passionate and more vocal about our King than we are about our president.


2 thoughts on “The 2016 Presidential Election and Misplaced Passion

  1. So beautifully stated. I am impressed to hear such Christian writ. The Church is suppose to be headed upstream in a down stream world. I’m politically progressive and morally conservative. Consequently, I cannot embrace either party platform to any large extent. My platform should be vastly different anyway because I am (of another platform). I should hate homosexual behavior because it destroys the lives of people, but I should lovingly embrace homosexuals. I should hate greed of any kind–even greed at church dinners and potlucks. I should despise the hypocrisy of Bill Clinton, but I should despise the hypocrisy of a church that shows partiality based on education, status, or race. The church so easily spotlights the hypocrisy of sinners but is blind to sins like the Pharisees (they were not fair u see), pun. I was shocked to find out in Bible College that I could not possibly be a born again Christian and a democrat. As though Jesus was a registered Republican. No one could endorse this doctrine with verse or writ from the Bible script. Jesus does not wave an American flag; he does not bow to the red-white-and blue. He was born in the Middle East where the people that formed ISIS live and die. He was a Middle Eastern citizen from a flimsy town; and He was dirt poor. People in America are not in love with the Jesus in the Bible. They worship a Jesus that is like the character in the Christmas Story of Santa Claus. Where I grew up– everyone knew that a chubby red-faced man was not coming in the snow in a red suite to drop off free toys to children in a black community–Okay. This is what we have done to the Savior–marginalized who He really is. The Bible says I become all things to all people so that I might win some. Jesus crossed all types of no-no norms, speaking face to face– one on one with a woman (the one at the well who had at least as many men as Elizabeth Taylor), eating at the home of a notorious task collector ) like going to Al Capone’s house for a meal. That is the revolutionary Jesus Christians are beckoned to follow. Revolutionaries are not always popular. People either like or hate them because they call into question and demand that society give them an answer. Jesus was a revolutionary, and if someone serves him He will revolutionize their church, their family, their communities and THEIR Lives…


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