Book Review: Tim Keller’s “Jesus the King”

1431624741340Tim Keller has helped re-tell and narrate the story of Jesus Christ for the modern reader. He walks through key passages from the Gospel of Mark, with occasional glimpses into the other Gospels, and expounds about the significance of deeper meanings of each passage. The book is separated into two parts: The first part focuses on the identity and person of Jesus. The second part focuses on the mission of Jesus.

Whether you are a new believer or have been walking with Jesus for most of your life, this book will help take you deeper in your understanding of the King to whom you have pledged your allegiance. In each chapter, Keller highlights a unique part of the story of Jesus in order to help us grow in our understanding of the true identity and purpose of Jesus life and death.

There is nothing more transformative – nothing that inexplicably inspires change within us, than taking a close look at who Jesus really is and understanding what He really came to do. In other words, by truly getting to know our King and grasping the gospel message with our hearts and minds.

Keller takes complicated passages and complex truths and simplifies them with eloquence and personality. However, the book is not merely intellectual – Keller would never stand for such a thing. It is wonderfully practical and transformational as well. It is only through believing in and truly encountering Jesus that we can enter into His life.

Jesus is the King of all, whether or not we acknowledge him as such. But as soon as we believe and have faith and confess that He is truly our King, everything changes. This book is about exactly that – who Jesus is, what He did, and how those two things change all who believe in Him.


My rating:                             10/10

Goodreads rating:           4.37/5

Amazon rating:                 4.8/5


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